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Partner Connect Live Events

We are excited to announce that bvoip will host a second IN-PERSON Partner Connect event in 2024!

✅ September 23-24 in Denver, CO - REGISTER HERE

We hope to see you there, and look forward to connecting with you in person.

Weekly Open Office Hours 

We will be hosting Open Office Hours 1 day per week.  These sessions are open to all bvoip partners and designed allow you to jump in and ask questions candid directly to our implementation team. No appointment required!

Click on the links below to join!

Weeks of the Month (All times are ET)

Week 1 - Tuesday 9AM 

Week 2 - Thursdays 1PM 

Week 3 - Tuesday 9AM 

Week 4 - Thursdays 1PM 

Week 5 (If one exists) - Tuesday 9AM 


Monthly Partner Briefing

Every third Wednesday of the month, we hold bvoip partner briefings which give you a 30,000 ft overview on upcoming events, announcements, feature releases and more.

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Check Out Previous Partner Briefings Here:

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July 2023 (No briefing this month)

August 2023

September 2023

October 2023

November 2023

Monthly Partner Training

Every Second Wednesday of the month 2pm - 3pm (New York Time), there will be bvoip partner training on a specific topic. The goal is to be able to do more of a deep dive into that topic and give you the ability to ask questions in a workshop-style session. 

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June 2023 - Phone & Device Provisioning

Will Cover...

- Best practices for device provisioning

-Manual vs Zero Touch Provisioning

- Phone Template Customization Process

Watch Here

July 2023 - Control Portal Single Sign-On 

Will Cover...

- Multi-tenant Single Sign-On

- Client Facing URL for Single Sign-On

-1Stream Client App Single Sign-On

-1Stream for Teams App Single Sing-On

Watch Here

August 2023 - Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Integration

Will Cover...

- M365 Integration Features

- M365 Integration Menu in Control

- Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Expectations

- bvoip Operator Panel - UniConsole

Watch Here

September 2023 - User Management

Will Cover...

- Best Practices on Creating and Removing Users

- Rights, Roles, & Permissions

- Bulk Management Features

- End user facing app options

- Voicemail-to-email

-Voicemail Transcription

- bvoip Operator Panel - UniConsole

Watch Here

October 2023 - All Things Messaging

Will Cover...

- In-App Chat Options and Features

-In-App SMS/MMS Options and Features

-SMS-to-Email Options and Features

-Third Party SMS Options (Textable)

Watch Here

November 2023 - Phone System Call Flow

Will Cover...

- Number Management

- System Hours

- Ring Groups, Hunt Groups, Paging Groups

- Call Queues, Agents, Supervisors

- Advance Call Queue Strategies Including Skills Based Routing

- Group Permissions

- Compliance Features

-IVR & Auto Attendants

- Hold Music and Greetings

Watch Here

December 2023 - Security Features

Will Cover...

- Country IP Address Blacklisting

- Whitelisting

- User Agent Filter & Device Provisioning

- Zero Trust Approach with IP Address Listing / Barricade

- Auto system User lockout 

- Security Thresholds

Watch Here